About Community Kdis Haven

Community Kids Haven Hillside is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for all children. We believe every child is unique and has distinctive aptitude, ability and talent. Early years positive experiences lay a solid foundation for the rest of their life. Our commitment is to provide them a creative, stimulating, safe and intrinsically motivating environment to unleash their unique potentials and raise them as a valuable contribution to the future society.

At Community Kids Haven Hillside we welcome the families, children, educators and the wider community into our service. We embrace cultural diversity, their unique experiences and valuable knowledge. We respect the values of all cultures and incorporate them into our programs as we believe children thrive in environments that provide them with the opportunity to experience a sense of belonging. being and becoming. Therefore we will provide a safe and secure environment where the children receive care and support, scaffolding the children’s learning through play based learning programs to encourage and extend on their learning and problem solving enabling the children to achieve their potential.

We always emphasise the importance of parent input, participation and involvement into our program. Our team makes every effort to establish an open, positive and trusting relationship with the parents.

We believe children have the right to be treated equally in an equitable environment that respects and positively acknowledges each child regardless of race, culture, gender, class, ability and age. We encourage our children to respect and value differences in others and themselves. Our Educators endeavour relentlessly to achieve excellence in their role as a learned educator, compassionate role models and caring nurturers of children’s learning and development.